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It's not difficult to handpick your best market calls. We definitely don't get every market call correct, but our Gravitational Framework has allowed us to consistently catch major macro market moves before they begin.

Here are a few examples of our non-consensus market calls.  All market calls are accompanied by a time stamped link to the original source.  If you would like to discuss our framework and track record in more detail, we invite you to contact us here.

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Short the Recent Euro Strength

"You can use the euro’s strength to initiate a short trade idea ahead of the ECB meeting but I would keep the position size smaller than your usual size."


Long South African Equities Via EZA

"For those of you interested in capitalizing on this South African equity opportunity, you could consider using the iShares MSCI South Africa Index ETF (EZA)."

VIX Will Remain Surpressed in the Short Term

"The bottom line is that we are almost certainly at a bottom for the VIX, but without a catalyst we will continue to cruise along this floor for the time being. Remember, markets don’t go straight up or straight down—they are cyclical. The VIX is down 60% since the election, and at some point it will go higher."


Avoid SNAP But Trade Tech Via XLK

"Don’t be Captain Stock Picker or blindly follow your friends into the latest and greatest IPO; consider investing via an instrument like XLK. This approach allows you to take advantage of the current economic environment without worrying about Wall Street or whether SNAP’s DAUs disappoint."


Rollover in Silver

"From a short-trading opportunity perspective, it doesn’t get much more appealing than what I’m seeing in the silver market. Despite silver’s Fundamental Gravity shifting from bullish to bearish, silver is still being priced at level commensurate with a bullish Fundamental Gravity and not fundamental kryptonite. Not only that but despite a 15% gain in 3 months, investors are still leaning extremely long and complacently expecting low volatility for the foreseeable future."

"Fundamentals are shifting, quantitatively the silver market is trading at a level with a favorable reward-to-risk set up, and investors are leaning long and expecting the low volatility rally of Q1 to continue for the foreseeable future. From a short-trading opportunity perspective, it doesn’t get much more appealing."

Long GDP.AUD Currency Pair

"On the short side, all three gravities for the Aussie are decidedly bearish, and when I couple this with a long pound, I get a relative value trade with a very favorable risk profile because both sides are skewed in my favor."


Long the British Pound

"For investors who prefer exchange-traded funds, ETFs, you can get long the British pound via the Guggenheim CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Trust, FXB. You can initiate new long trade ideas at any price below $123.00."

Rollover in US Energy Stocks

"Not only is the Fundamental Gravity turning bearish for US energy stocks, but quantitatively there is also a heavy weight around their feet. The recent breakdown in the crude oil price is a hugely bearish quantitative development."


Stay Long US Equities

"Despite the fact the S&P has jackknifed since the election, gaining 10% and closing at an all-time high last week, the behavioral gravity remains bullish. In a word, people aren’t yet bullish enough on the S&P 500 I’ve been LONG the S&P 500 since last September, and right now both the data and the framework are saying there is only one way to continue to trade the S&P: from the LONG side."


Go Long Financials and Tech, Avoid Utilities and REITS

"The playbook for accelerating U.S. growth is straightforward. Favor sectors that perform well in a higher growth environment, such as financials and technology, over defensive sectors like utilities and REITs."



Long Tech and Small Caps

"I would be LONG the U.S. technology sector at current prices. If we get a decent pullback I would consider also getting LONG U.S. small caps."


Long Consumer Staples, Short Energy

"You can listen to the “this time is different” guys and blindly buy the S&P 500, or you can allow me to show you the benefits of being LONG the consumer staples sector via the Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLP), while being SHORT the energy sector via Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLE)."

Rollover in Energy

"When the correction in crude oil occurs, all those investors who chased XLE’s recent performance will realize they bought high and now must sell low. I can promise you that chasing a market like this based on strong recent performance is a recipe for disaster."


Rollover in Crude

"Behaviorally, it doesn’t get more bearish for oil. Hedge funds and other institutional investors are all-in on the LONG side of crude oil. Historic positioning on one side of a market almost always unwinds in a violent and unpredictable manner. I’m not sure how many buyers remain, but there can’t be many. Sentiment is so aggressively bullish on oil that when I see the current fundamental and quantitative gravities, I start to salivate and look for good entry points to be SHORT black gold..."

Avoid VXX

"One of the primary issues that most people are unaware of is that VXX doesn’t even come close to tracking the VIX Index. Even if you know what you’re doing, VXX can’t help you execute."


Strong USD is Coming

"You’re probably thinking that your bond exposure will save you. Think again. US corporate bonds, US Treasuries, US high yield and emerging market debt are all negatively related to the Greenback right now. Yes, even your precious, and taxfree, US munis are moving in the opposite direction right now. And if you own commodities, 'I pity the fool!'"


Rollover in Chinese Equities

"FXI is up 16% since Brexit and is trading at nine-month highs. The equity markets are indicating that all is well, but one peek under the hood reveals something very different…make no mistake about it, China is falling into a liquidity trap. Investors, both individual and corporate, are hoarding cash because they don’t trust the economy and neither should you."

Reiteration of Long USD

"Right now, no one is talking about the US dollar and investors positioning is split right down the middle, with no one willing to lean one way or the other. This is the ideal bullish set up for me. I have the fundamental and quantitative gravities flashing bullish signs, and investors haven't figured it out yet."


Long USD

"Most recently, the USD managed to close above the $96.50 area for 6 consecutive days. This is a very significant and bullish quantitative development."


Reiterate Long Gold

"The final trade I love is the being long gold. Gold, no matter what you hear from others, gold is simply a trade on interest rates and it performs best when interest rates are falling or are low."


Upturn in USD

"The one oddity is the US Dollar. You would expect that the recent strength might give way to further weakness, but not so fast. I think the recent strength in the US Dollar will continue, possibly after a slight pause should the Fed fold on a second hike."


Reiterate Long Gold and US Treasuries

"Practice patience and if you haven’t had a chance to initiate a LONG trade idea in TLT or GLD, it’s not too late. Markets are cyclical and you can be sure that you will get another chance. There is a long way to go in 2016"


Long US Tech

"The point here is don’t fear bubbles and don’t avoid markets altogether because some people are calling them bubbles. Bubbles don’t pop in a day. The bigger the bubble, the longer it takes for the markets to work off the excess. … I went long QQQ because it broke out to new 2016 highs, held for 3 consecutive days and is now consolidating nicely just above $105.50."

Long US Defensive Sectors

"If you must have US equity exposure make sure its defensive: utilities and consumer staples."


Upturn in Gold and US Treasuries

"GLD, which represents gold, is up 5.4% and TLT, which represents long-dated Treasuries is up 5.6%. The beauty is that these moves are just getting started. I know this because the price action in both securities has only recently started to pick up and the speculative positioning in gold and Treasury futures is still extremely lopsided to the SHORT side."

Long the USD

"I’m going to look for two things to see whether or not I should stay long or maybe shift to a short buy in UUP and that’ll be how the US dollar trades around Fed-related events and how—or at all—how positioning starts to shift in the dollars futures markets because, again, right now it’s extremely long."


Long US Treasuries

"Our Top Pick for conservative investors in 2016 is iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT). It's one of the most actively traded ETFs providing ample liquidity."

Short USD

"So far, the USD is up year to date. Once the market begins to realize whats unfolding, I expect the USD to show significant weakness. Keep in mind, that the price action of the USD is not just dependent on Fed policy but it’s also being impacted heavily by the fact that the rest of the world is still in an easing stance. So, don’t expect a full on collapse of the USD to be the signal that things are beginning to shift. That said, a close below $97 and a decline to the $93 area would be a pretty good indication."

The Fed Will Not Raise Rates 4 Times This Year

"The Fed made a mistake raising rates in December, they just haven’t admitted it yet. Given the US growth trajectory and the global backdrop, there is no chance the Fed will raise rates 4 times this year."

Long Gold Miners

"GDX could trade as low as $12.50-$13.00 before beginning to move higher. If GDX closes above $15.00 it will be a confirmation signal that this theme is beginning to play out. If GDXcloses above $17.00, load the hopper because GDX is headed to $30.00."

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