The Weekender, delivered each Saturday, provides impactful and concise commentary, organized in a purposeful way, to deliver the maximum amount of actionable information. 

The Weekender delivers overlooked economic and financial market data in a unique way.

The report is intended to give you interesting market tidbits that make you a more informed investor and give you something interesting to say at cocktail parties.

Every Weekender is divided into seven sections in order to deliver the most impactful financial market research in an effective and efficient manner to help you drive better asset management decisions.

   Section 1: Coddiwomple    This section is where our CEO, Landon D. Whaley, discusses whatever aspects of financial markets have caught his attention. This commentary covers everything from critical market developments to insights on different aspects of trading to exposés aimed at shining a light on the plethora of misinformation about financial markets.

Section 1: The Coddiwomple

This section is where our CEO, Landon D. Whaley, discusses aspects of financial markets that have caught his attention. This commentary covers everything from critical market developments, to insights on different aspects of trading, to exposés that shine a light on the plethora of misinformation about financial markets.

   Section 3: Macro Theme    This section is where the juice really gets squeezed. Wall Street has a very difficult time capturing data (both economic and financial market data) and contextualizing it, which is exactly how we generate our Macro Themes. It takes a disciplined approach to measure the slopes and extremes in economic and financial market data across all four major asset classes in twenty economies globally. While not every Macro Theme plays out, our research process, which is anchored to our Gravitational Framework, is right more often than not. Feel free to visit our Track Record to see a sampling of the market calls we have made over the last couple of years.

Section 2: NZT-48

In this section we lay out three critical developments from the previous trading week. These developments either impact your portfolio right now or simply bear monitoring over time.


Section 3: Just the Stats Ma'am

In this section we convey the three most critical numbers from the prior week. These statistics come from economic and financial market data across the twenty economies and several hundred financial markets that we track daily.


Section 4: Headline Risk

Financial markets frequently feature “headline” risks. If you’re in the habit of getting your information from the media’s economic numbers or headlines, then you’re lost before you even begin. The way the media narratives portray or interpret economic data is rarely accurate. In contrast, we remain data-dependent. Our decisions are driven and informed by data, not the narrative being spun about it. In this section we highlight a current headline risk, and set the record straight as to whether the risk is real or simply clickbait for unsuspecting investors.

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Section 5: Focus On Now

If you want to be a consistently successful investor, then you must channel your inner Eckhart Tolle and focus on now. Stay with us; this is not a diatribe about mindfulness. Focusing on now helps you better handicap the probabilities of various future scenarios.

This “now” approach contrasts starkly to most investors, who either look in the rearview mirror at three-month-old data, or focus on forecasts in an effort to predict what will happen months in the future. Successful investing is not about forecasting tomorrow’s weather, but about noticing if it’s sunny or raining today.

This section of the report helps you focus on better understanding what's happening right now so that you will see opportunities and risks that most market participants miss.


Section 6: Fearmongering

This section is where we call out folks who think it’s their job to scare you into making an investment decision. Unfortunately, fearmongering has become part of the fabric of financial markets. We don't just call these people out for the heck of it; we use their fearmongering as a teaching opportunity to reveal the economic or financial market reality behind their scare tactics. Most of the time, the reality is nowhere near as treacherous to your portfolio as the fearmongers would have you believe.


Section 7: The Most Important Week of the Year

There are thousands of economic data points released each week around the globe. This section is where we outline the most important economic data points being released in the coming week, as well as the most critical central bank meetings occurring that deserve your attention.

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