The 358 is aptly named because it covers the 3 Gravities for 58 markets globally (across all four asset classes). It uses U.S. exchanged-traded funds (ETFs) as proxies for each market.

The 358 provides you with a comprehensive Gravitational breakdown for each ETF, as well as a Key Takeaway complete with trading insight. The 358 is the only report we are aware of that provides this much insight into such a diverse universe of markets.

The 358 is the most concise and effective way to keep abreast of economic and financial market developments across the most critical global economies. You’ll get a snapshot of the prevailing Gravities, with just the right level of detail. Plus we’ll explain the equally important underlying shifts in those Gravities.

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The 358 Summary Pages:

This section is where we give a snapshot of all 58 markets and our current bias for each market across the globe and all four major asset classes: equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities.


Financial Market Gravity Profile Pages:

Each market profile gives a complete breakdown for each of the three Gravities: Fundamental, Behavioral, Quantitative. In addition, we give you precise insight on how to trade that market in the week ahead. Each market's Key Takeaway includes the most critical price(s) to pay attention to in the week ahead.


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