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Financial markets is one of the toughest industries imaginable, with every market participant from individual investors to Wall Street firms and sovereign wealth funds competing fiercely for every single basis point of performance.

With this understanding, we’ve designed every aspect of our research to give you a discernable edge in the two most critical areas of your business: asset management decisions and market-related client (prospective client) discussions.

We do things differently here, not just for the sake of being different, but because we are driven to gain insights into market opportunities, and risks, that most investors miss.

The best starting place to familiarize yourself with our firm is to review our Core Principles (HERE) and then evaluate our proprietary Gravitational Framework, HERE.

While many research firms splice and dice their research offerings into individual services, we've gone about providing research to investors in a different way. We've packaged two critical weekly reports into one offering. The combination of these two reports delivered each Monday and Thursday, provides you with complete insight spanning the entire globe and across all four major asset classes: equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies.


Gravitational Edge is designed to give you a discernable edge in making asset management decisions.

This report, delivered each Monday, provides impactful and concise commentary, organized in a purposeful way, to deliver the maximum amount of actionable information. 

Gravitational Edge will provide you with critical developments from around the globe and more importantly, we tell you explicitly how those developments should drive your decision making and conversations in the week ahead.



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The 358 is aptly named because it covers the 3 Gravities for 58 markets globally (across all four asset classes). It uses U.S. exchanged-traded funds (ETFs) as proxies for each market.


This report, delivered each Thursday, provides a comprehensive Gravitational breakdown for each ETF, as well as a Key Takeaway complete with trading insight. The 358 is the only report we are aware of that provides this much insight into such a diverse universe of markets.

The 358 is the most concise and effective way to keep abreast of economic and financial market developments across the most critical global economies. You’ll get a snapshot of the prevailing Gravities, with just the right level of detail. Plus we’ll explain the equally important underlying shifts in those Gravities.

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