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I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to speak at the Moneyshow conference in Las Vegas. I invite you to join me on May 16, 2018 to gain insight into the process I use everyday to manage client's assets in all market conditions, as well as how I view the current state of global markets.



Valuation Investing and Staying Data-Dependent

"This year has been the year of broken records for the S&P 500, and the string of wins continued last week. The S&P 500 (SPX) finished October with a positive total return, which means it has gained ground in all ten months of the year for the first time in the 90 years of S&P data. October also marks the twelfth consecutive positive month for the index, which equals a record set only twice before, in 1935 and 1949."

Click here to read the entire article! - 11/9/2017


Please check out my podcast moderated by Charley Wright of Strategic Investor Radio by clicking the link below.

Proprietary Tactical Strategies - Whaley Capital Group - With Landon Whaley - 11/30/2017


The Most Important Question to Ask Before Investing

"No one would consider starting a business, a nonprofit or even a needlepoint project without asking themselves, what is my objective? However, when it comes to investing, most people don’t think twice before plowing money into financial markets. They never ask themselves the most important question: Why am I risking capital in the financial markets?"

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Focus on Economic Growth and Inflation When Investing

"Investors also tend to do too much. They focus on every headline, technical indicator or price movement in order to make investment decisions...while they are focused on the event du jour, investors are missing the fact that the most important catalysts for asset prices are potentially shifting and completely changing the investing landscape in the process."

Click here to read the entire article! - 10/11/2017


WE Need to Talk…About Chinese Equities

"Well, this week it’s time for a role reversal, because I’m the one saying that “we need to talk” to all the investors out there who think that paying attention to equity markets is more important than focusing on the underlying economic conditions of a given economy."

Click here to read the entire article! - 11/30/2017

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