focus market trader

Investor Type: This weekly report is appropriate for two types of investors.

First, the investor who is comfortable buying, and short selling, exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This service can only be implemented in taxable brokerage accounts.

Second, the investor who wants a succinct summary of financial market events from the prior week and who wants to better understand the most critical developments across all four global asset classes: stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.


Primary Investment Objective: To take advantage of week-to-week market opportunities across 8 ETFs to earn superior-risk adjusted returns.

Read Time: 17 minutes each week.

Implementation Time for Trade Ideas: Less than 20 minutes each week.

Frequency: This weekly report is delivered each Monday by 1pm EST.

FMT Service Summary: Each week FMT delivers trade commentary and actionable trade ideas for 8 Focus Markets utilizing the exchange-traded fund proxies for: US equities, Chinese equities, US investment grade corporate bonds, US Treasuries, the US dollar, the euro, crude oil and gold.



Our goal is to provide you with superior risk adjusted returns, while saving you time to focus on what is most important to you. With a 15% annualized rate of return, on less than one trade per week, Focus Market Trader delerivers on this promise. The process we use in Focus Market Trader is the same process we use everyday to manage our own client accounts.


What You Get with Focus MArket Trader

For each of our eight Focus Markets we deliver the following:

  • A detailed analysis outlining the critical economic, quantitative and behavioral developments from the prior week.

  • Specific buy and sell (and hold) recommendations complete with entry and exit prices. However, we only provide these trade ideas when a particular market is trading in a manner that tilts the reward-to-risk of a trade idea heavily in your favor.



If you are looking for a way to generate great returns while leveraging your time, Focus Market Trader is for you.  For less than $1 per day, this is one of our best offers.


The Best PArt of Focus Market trader

In addition to explaining exactly where to enter and exit every trade and the reason for every trade, Focus Market Trader has a phenomenal track record.  With an average of less than one trade a week, FMT has provided an average annualized return north of 15% for over 4 years! Don't believe us? In the spirit of  transparency, every trade from every report can be found, time stamped, in our Archives.